Fae Wilds

Do you hear the floorboards of your home croak in the early hours of the morning? Did your parents tell you the creaks and groans of the timber is simply the natural settling of your home?

Well, it is true that the house is settling but it is not entirely natural.

Me and my friends, we dig ourselves tunnels and cover them back up once we’re done. We hide behind leaves, plucking flowers we know you will not miss. We free the sock you don’t need, turning it into a bag to carry all of our spoils.  

Would you like to meet me and my friends? Well I’m sorry, I cannot allow myself to be seen – but I can tell you our story.

Find my artefacts, solve my riddles, and I will reward the curious soul with secrets your parents were never told.

Skittering, dashing, hiding in a secret place,

Let’s play a game and you can try to follow me,

But be forewarned that we seldom leave a trace,

Can you find my home hidden in a gum ____


Try Again!