Andrew Gillanders

Writer | Producer

I’m a Brisbane based writer and producer. I imagine the conflict of both my mind and our social order through stories and aim to add something fresh to our shared narrative. I love working with diverse disciplines and peoples, and hope that one day I can meet you.

Recent Work

Parasocial Parallax 2022 – Creator

I created this interactive stageplay with six unique endings.

Circa 2021 – Editor

I was an integral part of ScratchThat inaugural print zine.

Nexus Brew – Director

I lead a team of ten through the development of interactive fiction.

Blatherskite Producer

The infrastructure Blatherskite runs on today was made by me.


  • Writing
  • Stageplays, short stories, and essays​​​​

  • Production
  • Leading creative teams to accomplish dramatic art​

  • Consultancy
  • Communicating worthy missions for whoever needs it​

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