Brisbane Bingo

Brisbane Bingo

Brisbane Bingo is modeled after Jetlag The Game, a competitive exploration game. To win the game you must achieve a ‘BINGO’ – 5 tasks crossed out in a line. This may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.


  1. Claim a task by sending evidence to the group chat.
  2. Once a task is claimed, a separate team cannot claim that challenge.
  3. If people believe you have failed to do a challenge correctly, it can be disputed.
  4. There is only one winner. First to achieve a Bingo, or most challenges completed two hours in.
  5. Teams cannot split up.
  6. If a task requires a team member to pause for a period of time (e.g. draw a landscape) the whole team must pause and cannot complete other challenges separately (you may research and scheme).


  1. If a challenge does not specify the number of teammates required to complete it, that does not mean the whole team must do it.
  2. Once a task is complete, teams may preface evidence with a text claiming a challenge in the group chat while they wait for an upload.
  4. TIP: If you’re recording a video using Messenger, the video is cut off at 30 seconds. Record videos out of app and then upload them.
  1. Wearing an improvised crown, take a photo with the state badge 
    Crown can be made of any materials but must be reasonably recognised to be a crown. Submission requirement: photo.
  2. Take a photo with Lord Brisbane’s Manor Door
    The door of the family home of Lord Brisbane is located inside of City Hall. Submission requirement: photo.
  3. Submerge a limb in the Brisbane River
    It must be for at least 10 seconds. Please do not do this with any open wounds. Submission requirement: video.
  4. Post a letter to the Premier
    Write to the Premier. This can be about any political issue you like, or if you can’t think of anything, a love letter about King Charles III. Submission requirement: photo of posting it.
  5. Read a page out of a street library book
    Record 1 minute of a teammate reading out of a book found in a street library. Submission requirement: video.
  6. Purchase a Big Issue
    If you do this challenge, do not take a photo with the salesperson. Submission requirement: photo of the purchased magazine.
  7. Critique a public art installation while mimicking it
    Hold a pose of a public installation/statue and give your thoughts on it while you do it. Submission requirement: video – 1 teammate minimum.
  8. Identify 5 flowers at Roma Street Parklands
    No two flowers can be identified from the same information plaque. Google identification allowed. Submission requirement: Photos & names as a text; or video.
  9. Make an improvised pinwheel at the Old Windmill 
    Pinwheel should be able to be capable of at least one rotation relying only on wind power (you can blow it yourself, but no spinning with your hand). Submission requirement: video.
  10. Do the bridge on Story Bridge 
    To be counted as ‘on the bridge’ you need to be at least past the first support beam. Submission requirement: photo – 1 teammate minimum.
  11. Draw or paint a landscape of the Brown Snake 
    Using whatever means you have, draw or paint a landscape of the Brisbane River. You must spend at least 5 minutes drawing. Submission requirement: photo of completed artwork – 1 teammate minimum.
  12. Take a photo of a wild mammal at the Botanic Gardens 
    Should be identifiable in the photo. Examples are a fruit bat or a possum. Submission requirement: photo.
  13. Spend 5 minutes in the Cross River Rail experience Submission requirement: 15 word (minimum) review texted to group chat.
  14. Wear a feather at Eagle Street 
    Can be wild, bought, or improvised – but should be clearly recognisable as a feather. Submission requirement: photo.
  15. Mock NBN on the steps of Andrew’s employer
    Andrew works for the largest private competitor to NBN in the country. He works at 500 Queen Street. Do him a favour and don’t do anything that can be drawn back to him. Submission requirement: video.
  16. Perform an abridged Nativity play in front of a church
    The Nativity play must be at least 1 minute long and include the following critical beats: being rejected refuge, the three kings arriving, and the Messiah’s birth. Submission requirement: video.
  17. Recite, from memory, the 2nd verse of Advance Australia Fair in front of Parliament House
    You must be able to recite the 2nd verse from memory, without any mistakes. You are allowed to research and practice, but your proper go must be without assistance of notes or phones. If you make any mistakes, start again. Submission requirement: video – whole team must complete simultaneously. 
  18. Rose & Jack on a City Cat 
    Titanic (1997). Submission requirement: photo.
  19. Build a sandcastle at South Bank
    Must be at least 20cm tall. Much like the Brisbane River – no open wounds. Submission requirement: photo.
  20. Give 5 boats a name at the Queensland Maritime Museum 
    You do not need to enter the museum. But give 5 unique names to boats you can see. Submission requirement: video.
  21. Take 3 photos of 3 monuments for other countries 
    Monuments may include installations with sister cities, memorials to the sacrifices of allied forces, or celebrations of immigrants. Submission requirement: photo.
  22. Write an ekphrastic poem at GOMA  
    An ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by and/or about a visual art piece. The minimum length of the poem should be 3 lines. Submission requirement: photo of artwork and copy of the poem.
  23. Heckle another team for 5 minutes
    This challenge cannot be completed within the first 30 minutes of the game. Hurl some cheeky comments once every 30 seconds at another team. The targeted team may heckle back, but only the team that begins the turf war may earn the bingo point. If the original hecklers abort their heckling, the timer resets and a new team may begin. Be nice, children. Submission requirement: bragging in the group chat.
  24. Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a public piano
    Play the most widely known bars, preview here. Submission requirement: video.
  25. Buy popcorn from a cinema and leave without watching anything
    Submission requirement: photo with the purchased snack.